[cmNOG] How Mobile technology has been used to create an impact in Cameroon

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Interesting article, although I wonder why it first appeared in a
Kenyan blog.  A couple of points though:


Internet penetration in Cameroon (per 100 people) was last reported at
4.00 in 2010, according to a World Bank report released in 2011. This
shows that there are only 783,955.56 permanent online users as at
2010. The Mobile cellular subscription in the country stands at
9,010,785 as at 2012.


- I doubt this is true, I am not sure all 9 million mobile phone
subscribers use data (Internet) service.

- Does anyone know more about the nobakshish app? How many people use
it? is there a website?

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> How Mobile technology has been used to create an impact in Cameroon
> http://www.ihub.co.ke/blog/2012/10/how-mobile-technology-has-been-used-to-create-an-impact-in-cameroon/
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