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Sylvain BAYA ABOKA abscoco2001 at yahoo.fr
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Hi Dear All,
For Your Attention, Please see bellow and promptly react.
Those who are interested/involved in security and resilience issues in 
networks routing and interconnections (RIRs Communities, Network 
Engineers Communities, NOGs Communities, NOC's Staffs, Network 
Operators, Academics, NRENs, Communities of End Users, Internet 
Communities, ...) are welcome to add their voices/thinks and contribute 
to build an Open Routing Resilience Manifesto. 

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Subject: 	Chapter Leaders Community : Feedback Requested: Routing 
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On Wed, 2 Jul, 2014, at 16:24:02, Andrei Robachevsky via Internet 
Society <Mail at ConnectedCommunity.org> wrote :
> Dear Colleagues,
>   I already posted a message to chapter-delegates mailinglist, and some other network operator groups, so for some of you this might be a duplicate - apologies for that.
>   I would like to draw your attention to an initiative the Internet Society has been coordinating with a small group of network operators. This group has been working on defining a minimal, but feasible package of recommended measures that, if deployed on a wide scale, could result in visible improvements to the security and resilience of the global routing system.
>   We called this set of recommendations a Routing Resilience Manifesto - you can find a draft document here: https://www.routingmanifesto.org/ <https://www.routingmanifesto.org/>.
>   This initial version of the Manifesto was drafted by a small group, but we need a wider community review, your feedback, and, ultimately, your support to make this initiative fly. It was already presented at several venues, like RIPE and NANOG, and now we open it for a more detailed review.
>   Please note that this is very much a work in progress.
>   We are asking the community to review the document and provide feedback and text suggestions online or via routingmanifesto at isoc.org by 31 August 2014.
>   Regards,
>   Andrei Robachevsky
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    Best Regards !
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