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  Bonjour Chers tous, Chères toutes,
Pour votre information, prière de lire plus bas; pour ceux qui sont 
intéressés par une carrière dans une équipe CSIRT (Computer Sécurity 
Incident Response Team), c'est une bonne opportunité pour se mettre en 
  N'hésitez pas à réagir, AfricaCERT n'attend que vous!

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Date: 	Tue, 04 Nov 2014 06:53:03 -0600
From: 	Jean Robert Hountomey <hrobert at africacert.org>
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Subject: 	[africacert7] africacert 7 - call for leadership and 

Greetings from AfricaCERT.

We are pleased to send you this message because you have registered for AfricaCERT Educations Series (TRANSITS 1 and JPCERT) and AfricaCERT
Cybersecurity Day scheduled as follow:

22 – 24 November  2014 - Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) – Transits I training

TRANSITS I is an international certified introductory course for Incident Response Teams.

- Topics covered are:

     o operational aspects

     o organisational aspects

     o legal considerations

     o communication considerations

     o technical/cybercrime introduction

     o roleplay exercise

- TRANSITS I is most suitable for new team members but also very useful for CERT/CSIRT managers

- TRANSITS I is also useful for those who support a CERT/CSIRT, like PR people, legal consultants or communication experts: in order to
understand better what such a team is about (the technical introduction may be a challenge, but still useful)

- A pgp/gnupg key-signing party is organized as well.

- The course takes 3 days and those who actively participate all 3 days will be provided with a TRANSITS certificate at the end

25 November 2014  APCERT Day - Practical Web forensics.

Practical Web Incident Response with JPCERT. The Workshop train participants in web application technology, logs analysis of compromised
server, identification of attack vector and vulnerability and discuss how to respond.

26 November 2014 - AfricaCERT Cybersecurity Day.

The scheduled is being updated. Speakers are from International CSIRST Teams, Governments,
and Industry Security Solution providers.

In other to confirm you seat for the training, and to help us order the certificates of participations with the correct writing of your name,
AfricaCERT Team will be grateful if you can reply to this email with:

Subject: Confirmation of participation to AfricaCERT 7.

Personal Information as you would like it in the certificate:


Last Name:

I would like to participate to: AfricaCERT Education Series

Transits I - Training         	YES or NO
JPCERT - Training	 	YES or NO

Thank you very much and looking forward to meeting you in Mauritius.

Best Regards.

AfricaCERT 7 - Team.

    Best Regards !
  Sylvain BAYA
  cmNOG's Co-Founder & Coordinator
  ISOC Cameroon Board's Member
    (+237) 77005341
baya.sylvain [AT cmNOG DOT cm]
  abscoco2001 [AT yahoo DOT fr]
              « Comme une biche soupire après des courants d’eau, Ainsi mon âme soupire après toi, ô DIEU! » (Psaumes 42 :2)

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