[cmNOG] [Fellowship] Internet Governance (IG) in Africa Training Course: Call for Applications

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Dear all, 
Bonjour à toutes/tous, 

Please find below an announcement that might be of interest to some of you. 
Veuillez trouver ci-dessous une annonce, de bourse de formation, qui pourrait intéresser certains d'entre vous. 


  Internet Governance (IG) in Africa Training Course: Call for Applications

Diplo and the NEPAD Agency invite applications for the 11-week long online training course Internet Governance in Africa - An Introduction, which starts on 14 September 2015.
The course covers fundamental aspects of Internet governance and Internet policy including:

- Actors and processes
- Infrastructure and standardisation, including management of domain names and IP addresses, and broadband policy
- Cybersecurity
- Privacy and human rights
- Network neutrality
- Sociocultural and development aspects of the Internet and Internet governance
- Legal aspects
- Economic aspects 
The course also offers case studies and practical examples from Africa and participants will be encouraged to contextualise their learning to their countries or regions.
This course is based on Diplo's Introduction to Internet Governance and will be repetitive for those who have already attended one of Diplo's Internet governance introductory courses.
The course consists of one week of classroom orientation, eight weeks of dynamic class content and activities, one week for the mid-course assignment, and one week of online engagement at sessions of the 10th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum which will take place in João Pessoa, Brazil, on 10-13 November 2015 (see also: http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/)
Course materials and the e-learning platform are presented in English. However, participants who are more comfortable with communication in French may join a bilingual group which uses English as the primary language, and French as a secondary language for communication and interaction.
Who should apply?
- Government officials
- Officials from regional and sub-regional institutions
- Parliamentary representatives
- Civil society activists and advocates
- Students, academics and researchers
- Journalists 
Applicants must meet the following requirements:
- Be a citizen of a member state of the African Union
- Be able to read, write, and converse in English
- Be fluent in French, if applying for the bilingual English-French group
- Have reliable Internet access (dial-up connection is sufficient, although broadband is preferable)
- Be able to commit a minimum of eight hours study time per week, and be available to participate in class online sessions (once a week at specified times) 
Applicants with an undergraduate degree may have an added advantage. Preference will be given to individuals living and working in Africa.
Course fees
Tuition fees for accepted applicants in this course will be covered by a fellowship provided by the NEPAD Agency.
How to apply
Please read the course description at http://www.diplomacy.edu/courses/IGAfrica carefully and apply online using the form accessible from the 'How to apply' tab.
Applications should be received on or before 15 August 2015.
Enquiries may be directed to Ginger Paque (virginiap at diplomacy.edu).


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