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Hi Dear Uta,

2016-03-01 12:36 GMT+01:00 Uta Meier-Hahn <meier-hahn at hiig.de>:

> Hi,
> A couple of months ago, I asked you to share your experiences with regards
> to public regulation of internet interconnection in a survey.

Eh ! It was since october 2015 :-) see here [1].

> Many networkers from around the globe participated. Thank you!
> The report has now been published. I’m including the executive summary
> below. The full paper can be downloaded at <
> http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2740312>. Feel free to
> share this link wherever you see fit.

Many thanks for sharing the result with us, I'm personaly interested by the
issues raised by your study.
I have shared [2] your link with @AfPIF and @InternetSociety on the cmNOG's
twitter account. Other could do the same with @ANTICINNOVATION, the
regulatory of the area in Cammeroon interconnexion & peering ecosystem; but
fortunately, some of their staff are on list.

> Thanks again for providing your highly valuable input. I will be happy to
> hear what you think about the results.
> Best wishes,
> Utaf
> # Exploring the regulatory conditions of internet interconnection
> ## Executive summary
> Network interconnection is a central feature of the internet that has been
> subject to only little formal regulation. However, local public regulation
> is starting to emerge – be it through disclosure regulations, mandatory
> peering or licensing terms. Due to the networked nature of the internet,
> local rules may acquire a global scope.
> This report explores internet interconnection professionals’ encounters
> with public regulation and it provides an initial overview about how this
> regulation affects internet connectivity. On the basis of a convenience
> sample of 163 survey submissions, the following has been found:
> * Nine out of ten kinds of regulation presented to the participants have
> been encountered by more than half of them. This result gives reason to
> revisit the widespread notion that internet interconnection is an
> unregulated space. 66% of the participants have encountered a regulatory
> authority that imposes its own technical or operational standards.
> Moreover, imposition of regulatory standards was regarded to be the most
> influential on internet interconnection practices, together with
> competition laws (both 67%).
> * Local regulation of internet interconnection creates a tension between
> the regulated and the unregulated space in the internet. In order to
> overcome the normative difference, network operators need to make an extra
> effort. The degree to which network operators are affected by local
> regulation depends on a networks’ structure rather than on its size. Local
> regulation raises more difficulties for the kinds of infrastructural
> innovations that depend on having many points of presence.
> * For networkers, public regulation of internet interconnection is
> relevant in three thematic domains: 1) in the economies of internet
> interconnection, 2) in engineering and operations, and 3) in the modes of
> governance.
> * Overarching observations note that public regulation of internet
> interconnection contributes to a formalisation of the otherwise very
> informal sector. It also shines a spotlight on how networks are categorised
> and are thereby “prepared” for the application of regulation. Further,
> various examples highlight how regulatory authorities co-opt internet
> infrastructure for new policy purposes that were previously not understood
> as central to internet operations, e.g., data retention.
> * Local networkers value the presence of international network operators
> not only as potential peering partners but also as mediators for know-how
> about best practices and advanced modes of internet interconnection.
> * Networkers are very critical about regulations that contradict
> engineering principles. The most accepted forms of regulation also apply in
> other societal spheres: basic rights for citizens, e.g., for broadband, and
> competition regulation.
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[1] http://listes.cm.refer.org/pipermail/cmnog/2015-October/000262.html
[2] https://twitter.com/cmN0G/status/704857781489131521
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