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 Hello, Dear Listers,
 Please look at this important Webinar, below is the web link (Advanced IPv6 BGP Webinar - learn.afrinic.net)...
 Note that it's FYA, because it's for our all concern to migrate to IPv6 ASAP. But don't wait to be an expert before deploying IPv6 trought your Network; because the best way to be an expert in IPv6 is to work in an IPv6 environment...
 So Managers, think more and let us turn the old page of ... to the next one, meant :: and give more garanti to the next generation of Cameroonians to have to same Internet with the developping countries...
Advanced IPv6 BGP Webinar - learn.afrinic.net


Friday, 29 June 2012 16:06 
Advanced IPv6 BGP Webinar
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Introduction Everything may run on IPv4 (and IPv6), but without BGP, we really won't have the Internet as we have it today. This webinar takes your knowledge of advanced BGP concepts into the realm of IPv6. After attending this webinar, you will be able to
	* Configure and verify BGP routing policies
	* Configure and verify advanced route filtering
	* Create and publicise a routing policy in an Internet Routing Registry 
Pre-requisites 	* Understanding of TCP/IP
	* Basic CLI skills
	* Have taken the IPv6 Foundations module or have equivalent knowledge
	* Have taken the IPv6 Routing module or have equivalent knowledge 
Modules 	* Advanced IPv6 BGP Routing
	* Internet Routing Registry 
Mode of Instruction 	* Live webinar presentations
	* Technology demos
	* Live Q&As 
Duration  2 - 3 hours 
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