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Hi dear all,Please FYI, you can get the IETF Journal by following one of the links below. Also, note that you can get a hard copy free of charge if you become a member of the InternetSociety.org So enjoy all that high technical's news !

Le Jeudi 12 mars 2015 21h03, IETF Journal announcement list <ietfj-announce at elists.isoc.org> a écrit :

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Editor's DeskOpen Standards, Open Source, Open Loop
Message from the IETF ChairWords from the IAB ChairHappy 10th Anniversary IETF Journal!IAB Details Transport, Security EffortsExpert Panel Urges IETF to Tackle Identity IssuesHuman Rights at the IETFIETF Website RevampFred Baker on 25 Years of IETF, ISOC ServiceWiFi Privacy Trials at IETF 91 and IETF 92IRTF UpdateInternet Society Fellow to the IETF Brings Lessons Learned Back to KenyaApplied Networking Research Prize Winners AnnouncedIETF Ornithology: Recent SightingsIETF 91 At-A-GlanceRead the Full Issue |
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Open Standards, Open Source, Open Loop
There exists an unavoidable question for both community participants and observers: are standards development organisations (SDOs), such as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), still relevant in today's rapidly expanding environment of Open Source Software (OSS) projects?
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IAB Details Transport, Security Efforts
The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) highlighted two of its programmes-IP Stack Evolution and Privacy and Security-during a technical plenary session held during IETF 91 in Honolulu in November.Read More |
Expert Panel Urges IETF to Tackle Identity Issues
The Internet lacks a scalable infrastructure for trust management, and the Internet engineering community should develop technical solutions to help address this complex problem. That was the conclusion of an Internet Society-sponsored panel entitled, "Is Identity an Internet Building Block?" held 11 November 2014 concurrent with the IETF meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.Read More |
Human Rights at the IETF
A lively debate about standards, protocols, and human rights occurred during the meeting of the Security Area Advisory Group (SAAG) at IETF 91 in Hawaii. The discussion was framed by the Internet Draft (I-D), Proposal for Research on Human Rights Protocol Considerations.[1] The draft departs from previous work done by the IETF on privacy and Internet protocols, such as RFC 6973 on Privacy Consideration Guidelines[2], and suggests that some standards and protocols can solidify, enable, or even threaten human rights, such as freedom of expression and the right to association online. Specifically, the draft aims to establish a research group under the Internet Research Task Force to study the structural relationship and impact between Internet standards and protocols and freedom of expression and association.Read More |
IETF Website Revamp
After input and review by the IETF community on the scope of work, the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) put out a request for proposals to revamp the public-facing IETF website (www.ietf.org).Read More |
Fred Baker Celebrates 25 Years of IETF, Internet Society Service
When Fred Baker attended his first IETF meeting in 1989, it comprised 150 people who were mostly researchers, operators, and vendors from the United States. At IETF 91 in Honolulu, Baker mingled with more than 1,000 attendees, including a Nigerian ccTLD operator. In a wide-ranging interview, Baker reminisced about how the IETF has changed during the past 25 years. Following are excerpts from that conversation.Read More |
WiFi Privacy Trials at IETF 91 and IETF 92
Privacy and security issues have become priority items for the IETF, the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), and the Internet Society. Documents such as RFC 7258 and the recent IAB Statement on Internet Confidentiality demonstrate the community's commitment to addressing the issues and concerns raised. The goals are to fix existing Internet technologies and protocols, and to develop more-secure solutions to protect users' privacy.Read More |


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" 1 J’ai attendu patiemment l’Éternel; et il s’est penché vers moi, et a entendu mon cri.
2 Il m’a fait monter hors du puits de la destruction, hors d’un bourbier fangeux; et il a mis mes pieds sur un roc, il a établi mes pas.
3 Et il a mis dans ma bouche un cantique nouveau, la louange de notre Dieu. Plusieurs le verront, et craindront, et se confieront en l’Éternel. " (Psaumes 40 : 1- 2, 3)

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