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Hi dear cmNOGers,
Dear Augustine,
You really got it! 
Remember when we have attended the #AfPIF2014. 
I see that three Cameroonians were in Maputo for #AfPIF2015, let's wait for a report/article... Memos...
To add something to your interesting talk, I can say the following:
- The recent launching of AGEOS [ Agence Gabonaise d'Etudes et d'Observations Spatiales | www.ageos.ga ] in Gabon, is a good thing in a Local Content Development perspective, with the GabIX, it'll be interesting to get the Geographic/ Spacial data which it would produce ;
- The GabIX [ Gabon Internet eXchanges | www.gabix.ga ] has just nine months of existence and have taken perhaps 6 months to establish it legal/infrastructural/operational structure; then  now GabIX is a RIXP [(sub)Regional Internet eXchanges Point]

 Please, is there someone on list who can tell us what is really happening with the CAMIX ?


     Le Mardi 1 septembre 2015 18h17, chii_ngek <chii_ngek at yahoo.com> a écrit :

 Thanks for sharing. That is wonderful news coming from other regions of Africa. I  am ashamed as it seems nobody mentioned what is happening in Cameroon and central Africa subregion. Somebody would talk about 6 000 km of optic fibre in Cameroon, 3 landing stations, a data centres of campost and mtn, camix, and of course central African ixp  at Gabon etc. Was camix represented there? 

Cmnog, we have much to do as CSO for washing of the image of Cameroon outside. We attended afpif14 and the situation was the same for our sub region. We need to sacrifice for cameroon as much as possible. We need all your resources and time to work together.

NGEK Augustin CHII


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Hi @ll,
[Salut @tou(te)s]Please find below, an interesting report about AfPIF2015.
[Prière de trouver en dessous, un excellent rapport concernant la 6ième édition du Forum AfPIF]


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Today's Topics:

   1. Maputo AFPIF 2015 & Beijing Athletics 2015 (Meoli Kashorda)
Dear colleagues,

The 6th AFPIF 2015 this past week in Maputo was the biggest (232 participants?) and most exciting forum that I have attended so far (I have attend 5 of 6 AFPIFs). See   https://www.internetsociety.org/afpif-2015/home). Niger NREN and WACREN were represented by Musa Tessa of Niger, MoreNET by the CEO Salvador Adriano and KENET and UbuntuNet Alliance were represented by myself and Hillary Cheserek. See #AFPIF2015 for more details. Meeting people who are building Internet infrastructures in Africa was exciting. 

East Africa seems to have made a lot of progress in Africa in the past 12 months. KOOBA (http://www.koobaafrica.com/data-centres) announced that they were building a 2MW data center in Mombasa that will be operational end of Q1 2016 (it will grow to 6 MW) at a cost of $25 million. Icolo.io (www.icolo.io) another data center company in Kenya was building yet another 2 MW data center at Catholic University of Eastern Africa (the host of IBM Africa research lab) that will be operational Q3 2016. These are all carrier neutral data centers of same size as the East African Data Center, classified as the first carrier-neutral data center in Kenya. I think they are targeting the East African region countries that are growing their broadcasting/video, sports, educational and government content that will require large carrier-neutral data centers. 

Cloudfare (https://www.cloudflare.com/features-cdn), one of the leading global CDNs now has a presence in Mombasa at Seacom CLS. This was all exciting news and was one of the benefits of attending AFPIF 2015 (quite apart from visiting beautiful and growing Maputo). It means that NRENs and universities in EA might not need to invest in expensive data centers - we can focus on our missions!

I also learned that Angola Cables were building an undersea fiber cable from Angola and Brazil, 6000 KM, without a consortium or external funding (talk about the wealth in Africa). That will give Africa an alternative route to North America, the source of most of our content. It will be ready in 2016!

The issue of locally relevant content was also discussed. It is clear that sports news is classified as locally relevant content, even when generated in Europe or China.  One of the TV stations in Kenya ranks the top 10 Google searches by Kenyans every Sunday and sports are always among the top 10. I believe the Beijing Athletics 2015 championships that were taking place in China in the week we were at AFPIF 2015 will be in the top Google search in Kenya (see http://www.iaafbeijing2015.com/en/). 

Kenya and Ethiopia were among the top 10 global medal finalists, with Kenya at the top with 7 Gold medals beating the usual suspects of Jamaica, US and other developed countries with the highest number of medals. And there was another Internet story - Julius Yego who got Gold in Javelin is reported to have used YouTube video to learn the sport (he is only 25). He did not even have broadband Internet three years ago - only 3G Internet (download videos and watch later). 

So we had a good week in Maputo and in Beijing online - the conference had a 1 Gb/s Internet supplied by SEACOM, so we could stream whatever we wanted. This is now going to be the minimum for African conferences!

Congratulations to Eduardo Mondlane University (our local host university in Maputo and member of MoRENET) and Internet Society the organizers. The next one in 2016 shall be Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, another East African country with highest number of neighboring countries in EA. 

I cannot wait to learn about the Internet developments of the next 12 months at AFPIF 2016. We have so much potential for growth in Africa! 

Kind regards

Meoli Kashorda

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