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Hi Dear Denis,,
Many Thanks for sharing, on list, this interesting report of your AfPIF2015 participation.
Now, as we conved, we'll post/publish it at the cmNOG's Blog [ https://cmnog.wordpress.com ] to better share the link with others even if we can also found it here [listes.cm.auf.org/pipermail/cmnog/2015-September/000251.html] :-D

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Jeudi 3 septembre 2015 14h38
De: "Foncham Doh" <fonchamdoh at yahoo.com>
À: "cmNOG at listes.cm.auf.org" <cmNOG at listes.cm.auf.org>
Maputo 2015 was a great success.AfPIF was celebrating its 5 years of existence and so it was equally necessary to celebrate its achievements. In fact one of these achievements was the fact this year recorded the highest number participants from all over the world.
Presentations revealed that many IXPs have been established across Africa, thanks to the activities of AfPIF. Many content providers like Google are now seeing Africa as a potential place for business. Africa has equally witnessed an increase in its international band width, within the last 5 years with the landing of many high speed optical fiber networks at its shores.
“The time for African content is therefore now” said one of the content providers. Africans have to start thinking of producing their contents and hosting them at home rather hosting abroad.
There were presentations on the impact of peering in Africa and why cross border interconnection is important. Many high speed undersea optical fiber companies like SEACOM, presented their services and their role in assisting interconnection. Other peering partners like AKAMAI that are not yet present in Africa were there to present their services and to explain how peering with them can greatly improve internet performance.
The Administrator of Gambia’s IXP which is less than one year was happy to present their experiences and share with participants on how to better attract contents and greatly benefit from the IXP.
There were equally great presentations on the usefulness and need for data centers.
After all the presentations and as a Cameroonian and as a member of the internet society and also as a government stakeholder, I concluded that there is great need for our internet exchange point, CAMIX to go operational before AfPIF2016 which will be in Tanzania. We are lagging behind in this challenge. What do you think?
Foncham Denis Doh
Telecommunications Engineer
Diploma Internet Governance(NEPAD e_Africa  Capacity building programme
Current research: IXP in Cameroon
Tel: 237 677684766
email: fonchamdoh at yahoo.com
Skype : foncham_denis
twitter: @denis_doh
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