[cmNOG] [MANRS] What are Network Operators Doing about prefix Hijacking ?

Sylvain BAYA abscoco at gmail.com
Ven 22 Juin 16:00:33 UTC 2018

Hi cmNOGers,

Prefix hijacking occurs every single day in this Internet. Many reasons
could be given to explain why... 

Anyway, to say less on the topic, as NO (Network Operator) you should
know that there is a global intiative called MANRS [1]; and which aims
to engage the global Routing Community to collaborate by individually
sign a Routing Manifesto to commonly build a more secure and resilient

Having said that, let me break some facts here : 

* Firstly — MANRS is refering to four core actions :
..* Filtering
..* Anti-Spoofing
..* Coordination
..* Global Validation
* Secondly — This mail is particularly about how to handle prefix
hijacking, or route leakage...
* Thirdly — Three months ago, we have been involved in direct
communication action with one 'networker' out of our country to help a
local 'NO' to correct their annouced prefixes, because their BGP
announcements had a leaked route. Perhaps an insufficiency in their
'Filtering' rules...

« APNIC (@apnic) a tweeté [2] : What are network operators doing about
prefix hijacks?

Survey says: https://t.co/bu9q9Bzu0F   https://t.co/giLxCXkOxi »

[1]: Mutually Aggreed Norms for Routing Security
— https://www.manrs.org/manrs/ 
[2]: https://twitter.com/apnic/status/1010037411236069376?s=17 https://blog.apnic.net/2018/06/22/worldwide-survey-engages-network-operators-on-bgp-hijacking/

Please read [3] ! 
Then after reading this, please : 
* Tell it to the others in or 'out' (for no good reason as I personaly
beleave) of this mailinglist ; and 
* Put yourself in a state of mind for action-oriented MANRS. 

Again, this is not something a 'NO' needs to be remembering. Because
it's firstly about ones own business security... :'-(

Hope this would be used, by every actors of the CAMIX as a path to
review theirs routing configuration against BCOPs like the new one 
adopted by the RIPE NCC community [3].
[3]: 'La Lecture' :-/
— https://mypads.framapad.org/mypads/?/mypads/group/cmnoglab3-redaction-de-ma-presentation-ls4aof7gp/pad/view/la-lecture-slides-cmnoglab3-sb-ej4aqf7t6 
[4]: RIPE 706 — https://www.ripe.net/publications/docs/ripe-706 

Thanks and have a good an blessed week-end !
#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Psaumes11«2 ‭Car voici, les méchants bandent l’arc,
Ils ajustent leur flèche sur la corde, Pour tirer dans l’ombre sur ceux
dont le cœur est droit. 
3 Quand les fondements sont renversés, Le juste, que ferait–il ? —‭»


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