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Mar 26 Fév 12:11:36 UTC 2019

From Global NOG Alliance Facebook page
Every so often people ask me “what is a NOG anyway?”. Many in our industry are aware of NOGs. But there are also many others, often exactly in the areas that need them the most, that have no experience with NOGs. Therefore a short introduction to NOGs is required: https://nogalliance.org/2019/02/13/what-is-a-nog/ <https://nogalliance.org/2019/02/13/what-is-a-nog/?fbclid=IwAR2m0Z5PtnUV2b1BunfW556UvFW-WgULHb2PAZQH3OVWWo2l5R4xION432o>Looking for a local NOG? Check out RIPE NCC's list of NOGs at https://labs.ripe.net/nogs/ <https://labs.ripe.net/nogs/?fbclid=IwAR39FfhtflbhslMPERSrawu_E1PeqEUQ46GzAVFKR-WYuU5QtC55qA0DliA>, and upcoming events at https://www.ripe.net/participate/meetings/calendar <https://www.ripe.net/participate/meetings/calendar?fbclid=IwAR2bP4_6nKVNgcIYj5JAvkhUdQcYQ5psduaOQLW5bWiHwCF-2H6aXrKVppE>

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