[cmNOG] Webinar to learn the role IXPs play in enhancing the Internet's resilience

Christian Nzhie ngf.christian at gmail.com
Mer 29 Avr 18:59:07 UTC 2020

Good evening to you all.

Thanks Sylvain for this information regarding this webinar.

I was fortunate to attend that webinar which I found very interesting as
people all over were present, Bourkina F'so, Bolivia, Pakistan and so forth.

I was really impressed by those presenting and discovered that in Pakistan
for instance, IXP's have been existing for only few years and they're many
even though they're having challenges.

However, many things remained unclear to me and I would like  you here to
give a try to these questions bellow:

Couple of questions:

* 1. Does the ISP can influence or explain de pricing of internet*

* 2. Does IXP’s rôle is to bring resilience to the internet? If yes, in
what way it differs from an ISP?*

* 3. Where should be the best location for an IXP?*

* 4. What is the exact relationships between am IXP and ISP?*

* 5. How many type of IXP we have in cMR or in general?*

* 6. Who makes decision about IXP administration? Is it a non-profit or a
government body?*

* 7. Can we have more than one IXP in one city?*

* 8. If yes (question 7), will we not create unnecessary competitions?*

* 9. Do we need an ISP in order to have an IXP?*

* 10. If yes (question 9), what’s the minimum number we need?*

*11. How long have IXPs been in Cameroon?, Hence, How many of them do we

*I look forward to hearing from you,*

*thanks to all.*


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> Dear cmNOG-er,
> Hope you are well and healthy !
> ...FYI, please see below, if you are interested on the development of IXPs
> in Africa; particularly in pour country.
> «[...]This is to remind you to join the Intercommunity tomorrow [*today*],
> Wednesday, 29 April 2020 at 13:00 UTC to learn the role IXPs play in
> enhancing the Internet's resilience and how the collaborative nature of the
> Internet community plays an integral part.
> More at: <
> https://www.internetsociety.org/intercommunity/2020/fostering-infrastructure-and-technical-communities>.
> Register to join at: <
> https://isoc.zoom.us/meeting/register/upEkduysrTwt7IGLePLs9BCWlexb85NdJg>
> [...]»
> ...in just an hour.
> Shalom,
> --sb.
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