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C-dessous une proposition qui était censé être envoyé avant le Barcamp mais
reste dans mes draft.

Si vous approuvez le contenu on peu l'ajouter au wiki et pourquoi pas en
faire un article ?


Remote Event Broadcast Technical requirement

Remote Participation
This document outlines the technical requirements for a CMNOG Remote event
to ensure a trouble-free remote meeting experience.

Adequate and good quality wired bandwidth is crucial in order to stream
video, audio and presentations properly.

Ideally, there should be a dedicated 2 Mbps link for the streaming laptop,
for the best audio and video streaming quality.
The connection should be checked well ahead of your scheduled meeting to
ensure there is enough bandwidth during the time period in which you will
be joining meetings.
We recommend using a wired Ethernet connection for the computers that will
be used. This will reduce issues related to poor Wi-Fi installations. You
should also turn off the Wi-Fi radio on these computers to ensure the
Ethernet connection is utilized.

A sound system that is clear and loud enough for the audience you expect is
important. This will allow everyone to hear the local and remote audiences,
speakers and presenters.

Tips and Suggestions
Test early and test often. Make sure that you test your equipment at the
beginning of each day. Plan on at least one hour to test and fine-tune the
audio connections prior to your scheduled meetings.
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