[cmNOG] ***UNCHECKED*** [cmNOGwebinar6] Reminder: 2020.05.30, 19:00-20:30 UTC +1 — " Critical Review of Remote-Work's Tools "

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Jeu 28 Mai 13:23:35 UTC 2020

Dear Community Member,

Considering that this email found you in good health,

Please receive this message as a kind reminder of the invitation to our
sixth webinar [1] in the series [2] of free webinars launched this year.

Thanks for have attending the #cmNOGwebinar5 [3], where we tried to
also contribute on the fight against COVID-19.

That last one [3] was about « Basics of Remote-Work for All », this
time, we
are going to discuss a small part of the Remote-Work: The tooling or

...since the beginning of this pandemic crisis, we see different
where organizations around the world are trying different tools/services
to allow their staffs to work, from/at home, during this world wide lockout
The most used of those tools are those which help not only to communicate,
but to organize interactive meetings/conferences online, near to what they
are usually experiencing in normal times and to manage day to day work

All these sudden needs from Orgs, including those who were already
considering various kind of remote interactions between their staffs, raise
some questions: at least inside the country.

In countries such as Cameroon, where distant school is still done via
television, are there some, advanced technology, solutions (tools/services)
which could be quickly deployed to have at least schools up and remotely
If yes, then where to find those solutions? where to host them?

...also, what is actually the guarantee that the targeted cameroonians
have the minimum material and knowledge required in order to use such
solutions and take advantage on in reasonable deadlines?

...on the other hand, what the cmNOG can bring-in as a contribution to
improving these remote things, to the benefit of all the stakeholders?

With a view to providing some attempt of answers, to the cmNOG's
Community in particular, and all the stakeholders of this local part of
the  Internet ecosystem, the Webinar N°6 will focus on the theme:
« Critical Review of Remote-Work's Tools »

Thanks to reserve your place right now !
The #cmNOGwebinar6 is on 2020.05.30, 19:00-20:30 UTC +1.

Through elsewhere, please, don't hesitate to talk about it around you.

• Registration: <https://survey.cmnog.cm/index.php/438944>
• Panelists: Sylvain BAYA, Jan ZORZ
• Ponctual Speaker : Jean-Luc NTA
• Moderator: Stephen HONLUE
• More Info: <https://cmnog.cm/dokuwiki/Webinars/cmNOGwebinar6>

We look forward to seeing all of us there!
[1]: #cmNOGwebinar6 : Information Page —
[2]: Information Page of Webinars —
[3]: #cmNOGwebinar5 : Information Page —

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