[cmNOG] MIRA Pod – Call for Hosts of local Pods to extend the Measurement System

Sylvain Baya abscoco at gmail.com
Mar 10 Aou 09:20:52 UTC 2021

Dear cmNOG-er,

Hope this email finds you in good health!

...i found this project [1] really useful,
when it comes to understanding how to
to go toward a more resilient Internet;
within the AfriNIC's service region, so
within our African's countries.

The call [2] to host a Pod, which is a nano-computer (Raspberry Pi 4) with
Specific OS installed and measurement
tools, to perform *active* measurements.

Who has already intetacted with that

...please contact the MIRA team to host
one: mira [at] afrinic [dot] net
[1]: <https://afrinic.net/research/>
[2]: https://afrinic.net/research/studies/mira#about
AFRINIC | 11th Floor Standard Chartered Tower, Ebene, Mauritius | +230
MIRA Pod – Call for Hosts
The Project
The MIRA (Measuring Internet Resilience in Africa) is a joint initiative
between AFRINIC and
the Internet Society. The aim is to collect and analyse relevant Internet
“health” information
to determine current levels of Internet resilience in African countries.
To achieve the above, we need to improve the Internet measurement
infrastructure in Africa
by increasing the number of measurement vantage points (MIRA Pod) active in
As such, AFRINIC and ISOC would like to invite volunteers to host a MIRA
Pod, which is a
Raspberry Pi 4 device, on which the following systems are installed:
• Balena OS: it is an operating system that allows remote control of the
• M-Lab Murakami: A software tool that performs speed test measurements
• RIPE Atlas software probe: A software probe that performs ping,
traceroute, DNS, SSL,
etc. measurements.
By hosting a MIRA Pod, you will help expand the global network of Internet
platforms, and you can benefit from quality information for research and
Data usage
The MIRA Pod will perform speedtest and other types of measurements (ping,
etc.) six times per day and will consume a minimal amount of data. The
measurements will
not impair the performance of your network.
Privacy considerations
• Notwithstanding your privacy settings, this experiment will collect the
public IP
address of the MIRA Pod. It will not be included in aggregated MIRA data to
appear on
the Internet Society Pulse Dashboard.
• The MIRA Pod is an active measurement tool that does not carry any
measurement. It means that it will not collect, inspect or analyse any
ongoing traffic
on the network.
Contact information
For any queries, please send us an email at <mira_at_afrinic_dot_net>

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