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Dear Community,

AFRINIC is the only RIR with IPv4 addresses in its free pool --- 1,828,096
to be specific. This is, of course, grossly inadequate to meet Africa’s
current IP address needs, making IPv6 the only sustainable way to continue
to grow the potential of the Internet in Africa.

As of today, that’s why after having trained over 6000 engineers from 50
countries, in 2018, we designed and organised the world’s first deployathon
as a mechanism to shorten the time between learning about IPv6 and actually
implementing it.

In 2020, we redesigned the event and organised it entirely online.
Nevertheless, 30 organisations from 14 countries were able to accomplish 24
deployment KPIs:

• 7 validated route6 object
• 4  address plans in IPAMS
• 4 advertised IPv6 prefixes
• 2 validated RPKI ROA objects
• 2 IPv6 traffic from test VLAN
• 1 IPv6-enabled DNS
• 1 DNSSEC IPv6 signed IPv6 reverse zone
• 1 IPv6-enabled website
• 1 IPv6-enabled email
• 1 network with IPv6 user traffic

If selected, you will get the same step by step guidance, tools and
techniques we’ve perfected in 8 (e-)Deployathons and +100 helpdesk calls to
help you move your IPv6 deployment one clearly measurable step forward in
full accordance with your network change management processes.

Date: 25th May to 27th May
Time: 4 hours each day
Location: Zoom (but we promise it will be fun 😂)
Eligibility: Qualified engineers from any country in Africa

If you are an engineer who runs a network and believe that you can make one
concrete visible step towards IPv6 deployment (or advance your stalled IPv6
deployment), apply for a spot here - https://mautic.afrinic.net/edeployathon
(Only 35 spots available)

Deadline for application:16th May 2021.

For more information and queries about e-Deployathons, please contact:
do at afrinic.net


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