[cmNOG] Three more days to register to our FREE “Zero to IPv6 Certified in 21 Days” Workshop! (over 400 registrants)

AFRINIC Training training at afrinic.net
Jeu 5 Mai 13:09:19 UTC 2022

*Dear Engineers *

You’ve got *three more days* to register to be part of the over 400 
registrations to a FREE workshop.

Are you ready to learn all the skills to design, build and troubleshoot 
IPv6 networks.


    In 21 days


    Be globally certified


    Within only 1.5 hours of learning a day.

Join other engineers who have already registered at 
https://learn.afrinic.net/z2c6 <https://learn.afrinic.net/z2c6>

Between 2009 and 2017, we flew to 50+ countries in Africa to deliver our 
signature 3-day intensive IPv6 Deep-dive to over 6000 engineers.

But here, there’s still a problem:


    there are still countries we’ve not been to (and might never make it to)


    there are still cities with engineers we never made it to (and never


    there are still 100 times more engineers in countries we’ve been
    that couldn’t attend the training

We have been exploring other ways to ensure that no one in Africa who 
needs that training will get left behind.

Introducing ….

Zero to Certified IPv6 Engineers in 21 days

Your opportunity to develop the skills required to design, build and run 
IPv6 networks


    Free of charge


    from the comfort of your home


    with a community of other engineers like you (We already have 400


    with the guidance of our trainers in 4 live sessions

Instead of a 3-day intensive Bootcamp, if you can dedicate just an 
average of 1.5 hours a day over three weeks (excluding weekends), you 
will be set to become a globally certified IPv6 engineer! Some of you 
might even win up to a 100% discount on the certification exam fee ;-)

Here are the topics you will be covering over 3 weeks:

Week 1


    IPv6 Foundations


    Configure Basic IPv6


    Create The Perfect IPv6 Address Plan


    Live Session #1 on 13th May 2022

Week 2


    Mastering Neighbour Discovery Protocol


    Implement IPv6 Routing


    Live Session #2 on 20th May 2022

Week 3


    Provision IPv6 Configuration


    Mastering IPv6 Transition Mechanisms


    Live Session #3 27th May 2022

Are you ready for the future of the Internet?

Are you up to the challenges?

Then register here:

We look forward to seeing you on 9th May!


AFRINIC Training Team

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