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Hello All,

We hope you are all doing well.

Please find below AfNOG Tutorials from 19th  – 22nd  Sept, 2023 as a
virtual event.

Interested participants should please use the zoom links below to Register
in advance to attend. Participation is free.



*- Title: Network Monitoring and Management * -  19 – 20 Sept 2023: 09 –
11:00 UTC (2 hours daily)
By : Seun Ojedeji, Cleven Mmari, Isaac Armah-Mensah, Hervey Allen, Timothy

  - *Brief Synopsis*.: As was the case in previous virtual tutorials, This
session will attempt to share knowledge about tools that can be used for
network management and monitoring. The session will run 2 hours a day from
19th to 20th September 2023 and it will include presentations and hands-on
where each participant will have access to a virtual lab.

Tools that we will be looking at include LibreNMS to address availability
and performance of our network while we will also look into Smokeping (or
alternates that perform the same functions) to address reliability of our
network. If time permits we may talk about other tools that can be used
within your network for an improved network service provisioning.

The session requires basic knowledge of Linux administration

*Registration URL :*

B) Title:   Building an IoT system  , 19 Sept, 2023 : 14:00 – 17:00 UTC

*By Uli Raich*

  - *Brief Synopsis*.: IoT, the Internet of Things, is one of the most
fashionable fields of computer science at the moment.  “Things” are
represented by sensors and actuators, which provide a handle to real world
objects. A micro-controller having Internet access, is needed to read out
the sensors and send results into the cloud and to receive commands, which
are passed on to the actuators.

During the lectures, we will first look into different devices that may act
as IoT controllers and the way these are programmed. The ESP32 is a very
powerful micro-controller having a WiFi and a BlueTooth interface, plenty
of on-chip flash and RAM memory and a big range of interfaces, which makes
it ideally suited to control various sensors and actuators,and it is
extremely cheap!

Readout and control of sensors and actuators is demonstrated with a limited
set of these devices, using the Python programming language. A WEB server
will be built, receiving real world measurements and displaying their
results. Different types of network protocols will also be looked at.

*Registration URL*:


*Title:   CERT TUTORIALS  : 19 – 22 Sept, 2023*

*19 - September.*

*EGCERT Training: Incident Response 101.*

*Time: 9 - 12 AM UTC*

Brief Description: During this session, we will learn more about incident
response and dive a little deeper into some artifact types and how to
analyze them.


*20- September, 2023*

*EGCERT Training: Forensic 101*

*Time: 9 - 12 AM UTC*

Brief Description: In this Workshop, we will analyze the operating systems
as Windows forensics and the critical artifacts an investigator can obtain
from the investigation process.


*21- September, 2023*

*ICANN Training*

*Time: 9 - 12 AM UTC*
DNS: Prevention, Detection, Disruption, and Defense (Course for National
Incident Response Teams and Security Teams)


*22- September, 2023Time: 11 AM - 3 PM UTC*

*DDOS Workshop*.


*After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing
information about joining the webinar.*

Best regards

Nancy Dotse

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