[cmNOG] Root Domain Name Server (DNS) is operated by an University

Sylvain Baya abscoco at gmail.com
Mar 25 Avr 06:28:43 UTC 2017

 Hi all, Jean-Francis,

Le samedi 22 avril 2017, jean-francis AHANDA
<jeanfrancis.ahanda at gmail.com> a écrit :


    Is there any Root Domain Name Server (DNS) is operated by an
    University in Africa ? 

There is certainly no much ww-Universities which are DNS root instances
hosters...even Regional RENs, I guess.
I want to add two questions here : 
- How a DNS Root instance could really benefit to an Af-University
hosting it ?
- How Af-Universities can be motivated to financially support local-RENs ?

    if not why ? 

I think that they have much to do right now like deploying IPv6,
FOSS, DNS Resolvers, DNSSec, Let's Encrypt Certs [1], deploying best
practices in sustainable net&sys infras, etc.

    Is this something we can and should push ? 

There is good discussions [2] about good raisons for hosting, or not, a
DNS root instance. When the decision is taken, AFRINIC will help with
his Root instance deploy program [3], even ICANN L-root instance
deploy program [4], or the support from PCH for their
DNS Anycast [5]. The RFC Howto host your DNS instance is here [6]. But
there is also new information [7] to consider.
In other way, what I can add to this discussion, is an encouragement for
Af-Universities and Af-RENs to join the Yeti-Root project [8], that is
an alternative root, for any of their researches in DNS area.

Good week & Regards,

[1]: Let's Encrypt - https://letsencrypt.org | Deploy360
- http://www.internetsociety.org/deploy360/
[2]: https://afnog.org/pipermail/afnog/2015-November/002429.html
<https://afnog.org/pipermail/afnog/2015-November/002429.html> |
<https://afnog.org/pipermail/afnog/2015-December/002453.html> |    
[3]: Root server copy project (AfRSCP) - AfriNIC |
[4]: Hosting L-Root in your network
|https://www.dns.icann.org/lroot/host/ | http://lrootmap.dns.icann.org
[5]: https://www.pch.net/services/dns_anycast
[6]: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7706
[7]: http://www.bortzmeyer.org/dns-resolveurs-publics.html 
[8]: Yeti Root Project : https://yeti-dns.org

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