[cmNOG] The Shadowserver Foundation - Request For VPS Hosting

jono jono at shadowserver.org
Mar 15 Mar 13:51:44 UTC 2022

Dear cmnog member,

The Shadowserver Foundation is currently working with the UK Foreign, 
Commonwealth and Development Office on a key project in the CEEC, Africa 
and the Indo-Pacific regions to :

* contact countries and major ASN operators that don't subscribe to our 
free network reports, and sign them up

* expand our state-of-the-art global honeypot sensor network

* add new Web Application honeypot with CVE mapping and enhanced IoT 
attack detection capabilities

* enhance anti ransomware, malware and botnet sinkholing, focusing on 
regional malware threats

* improve free network owner, tools and guidance to consumers

* improve the volume and types of daily network reports provided for 
free through our reports to all National CSIRTs and network owners globally.

For more detail please visit URL : 

The deadline for this project is March 31st 2022...meaning after this 
date project work will cease.

In order to meet our targets, this correspondence is a call to all of 
our ISP and Hosting Provider subscribers in the CEEC, Africa and the 
Indo-Pacific regions to support us in this project in the area of VPS 

As a datacenter operator / network provider or a provider of hosting 
services in these regions, are you able to host Shadowserver sensors– 
either as a donation or a commercial purchase?

If so then please email us at contact at shadowserver.org

Sensor specification

The OS needs to be Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

At a minimum, a system needs to be a VM (under fully virtualized 
hypervizor, so KVM, Xen, VMWare etc but not OpenVZ or other light weight 
OS containers) with the following parameters:

1 CPU core

1 GB of RAM

2 or more (preferably 4 total) IPv4 addresses total (no NAT, all IP 
addresses on 1 NIC, no network filtering)

20 GB disk

SSH remote access on the management IP address

At least 1Mbit/s Internet bandwidth

Traffic allowance: 1000 GB / 1TB per month transfer limit

Root access

Physical machines such as dedicated servers instead of a VM are also 
very welcome.

I hope this mail finds you well and I look forward to hearing from you 
as soon as you are able to help before the end of March deadline!


Jon Flaherty

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