[cmNOG] ***UNCHECKED*** The Shadowserver Foundation - Free Network Security Reports

Shadowserver contact at shadowserver.org
Mar 15 Mar 13:01:45 UTC 2022

To: cmnog member,

From: The Shadowserver Foundation - a global not-for-profit organisation. We are the largest supplier of free threat data to National CSIRTs and Network owners globally. You may have noticed us scanning your network every day (we scan all of IPv4/0 more than 70 times a day as part of our public benefit service).

We are currently reaching out to ASN operators across Africa and the Indo Pacific regions as part of an initiative funded by the UK Government's FCDO. Our reports are FREE and used by National CSIRTs covering 173 countries globally. We are looking to extend the number of ASN operators taking our data and wish to offer you our reporting also.

Please seek reassurance from your industry contacts in the CSIRT or NOG community if you are in any doubt about the bona fides of this email. You can read more about us at www.shadowserver.org or serious technology press online.

We would like to offer you daily reports on your ASN(s), highlighting exposed and potentially misconfigured end points that could be at risk from cyber crime exploitation. We also report out victim IP's from sinkholed and provide Special Reports for threats such as Log4j, Hafnium, Cyclops Blink, when we received such datasets from law enforcement or other industry partners.

Our goal is a very simple one:- to raise the baseline of online security. We do not believe that victims should have to pay to be notified of that fact, and so do not charge for this service.

You can subscribe for your ASN here: https://www.shadowserver.org/what-we-do/network-reporting/get-reports/

More information about the Foundation is available here:

Over 6500 network owners currently take our data for their networks every day for free. We would love for you to join them and hopefully be able to be better informed about your network space - hopefully before criminals abuse it.

Kind regards!

Jon Flaherty
The Shadowserver Foundation

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